improving performance and well being in sport

Improving Performance and Well-being in Sport

In any sport, the three key elements required for optimum performance is a combination of technical skills, physical conditioning and psychological readiness. Sport and performance psychology can enhance performance in various ways ranging from improving consistency, confidence, motivation and concentration to emotional control.

Nanaki is a Chartered Sport and Performance Psychologist under the British Psychological Society (BPS) who helps athletes from all backgrounds, age groups and abilities improve their performance and achieve their sporting ambitions.

Additionally, she also applies psychological principles associated with sporting excellence to other fields such as academics, business and performing arts.

“The focus of my practice is not only to enhance the performance of an athlete, but also to apply an equal emphasis on their overall wellbeing.” – Dr Nanaki J. Chadha

Nanaki offers a range of services Sport and Performance Psychology Services

A Multidimensional Approach to Improve Sport Performance

Nanaki offers a range of services which encompasses individual, team and group-based consultations to address a multitude of challenges that athletes face while performing in sport.

Nanaki’s Clients Testimonials Experiences and Reflections


As a practicing sport and performance psychologist, Nanaki has worked with athletes, teams, coaches, parents and sports clubs to foster growth in performance. Here is what her clients have to say about their experience: