Group Workshops

Nanaki has extensive experience in delivering interactive group workshops to expand the importance and impact of sport psychology. These workshops are conducted for audiences that may comprise of athletes, young athletes, coaches, students, parents and business professionals on relevant topics such as boosting confidence, fostering positive thinking and goal-setting.

The focus area, format, duration and location of these workshops are customised based on the requirements of the audience.
The workshops are designed and delivered to benefit the following groups :

    • Athletes – Engages groups of athletes across various skill levels on relevant topics of psychological well-being and introduce psychological strategies to improve performance
    • Young athletes – Fosters positive youth development by introducing and delivering information on psychological aspects of sport, in a fun and interactive manner by using creative teaching tools such as story-telling, role playing and illustrations.
    • Coaches – Introduces psychological learning and skills for coaches to incorporate in training and competition with individual athletes or teams.
    • Parents – Facilitates learning for parents to create a fun and supportive environment for their child during training and competition .
    • Other performance areas – Applies psychological principles associated with sporting excellence to other fields such as academics , business, and performing arts to help individuals deal with performance pressure.